Introduction to DoD Global Health Engagement (GHE)

All Day Event(s)
June 01, 2024 thru September 08, 2024

This modular, asynchronous, online course serves as USU CGHE’s “all-service” (Module 1) and “all-medical” (Modules 2-4) familiarization course to ensure wide understanding among personnel who may deploy in support of DoD GHE of the strategic rationale, opportunities, challenges, and basic considerations of such missions. Module 1 ensures all personnel "know the why'' of DoD GHE, while Modules 2-4 focus on the key elements to ensure all military medical personnel can contribute effectively to the DoD GHE mission in support of operational and tactical goals.

Developed in consultation with Service GHE leadership, this course offers a practical and easily accessible familiarization for U.S. military personnel deploying in support of GHE missions worldwide. The course complements the DoD GHE training continuum by providing resources from pre-deployment to practitioner and senior planner levels.

Course Overview:

The Introduction to DoD Global Health Engagement (GHE) course is modular, asynchronous online course designed to familiarize a diverse student population of military and civilian professionals with the objectives, principles, and opportunities of DoD GHE operations, activities, and investments in support of U.S. national security objectives. Module 1 is specifically designed for non-medical personnel, providing an awareness level understanding of the strategic linkages between security and health and the employment of medical activities to support tactical, operational, and/or strategic security impacts. Modules 2-4 are intended for those students who possess a medical, public health, or global health background.


Strategic Rationale and Guidance for DoD GHE (Module 1):

  • Increase understanding of DoD GHE strategy, practices, and opportunities to build partnerships, partner capacity, interoperability, and readiness in support of U.S. national security goals (DoDI 2000.30).
  • Familiarize non-medical military and U.S. interagency personnel with DoD GHE capabilities and how they can be used (via Security Cooperation, OHDACA, Title 22, etc.).
  • Build awareness of the strategic linkages between security and health.

Intro to DoD GHE Course (Modules 1-4):

  • Increase readiness and effectiveness of military medical personnel deployed in support of GHE missions.
  • Provide military medical personnel with a greater understanding of the critical contextual elements of implementing and planning Global Health Engagement missions.

Suggested Audience:

Strategic Rationale and Guidance (Module 1): U.S. DoD military and civilian personnel, U.S. Interagency personnel, Partner Nation military and civilian personnel, and/or members of academic or NGO organizations involved in all levels of U.S. Government Security Cooperation programming, Global Health Engagement activities (including deployments), and/or global health security programming

Intro to DoD GHE Course (Modules 1-4): Individuals described above who have training, education, or experience in medicine, public health, global health, and/or global health security.


The course is CAC-enabled via JKO VCLASS, modular, online, and asynchronous utilizing pre-recorded lectures, case studies, resource materials, and quizzes. Module 1 (Strategic Rationale and Guidance) can be completed in approximately 30 minutes. Modules 2-4 can be completed in approximately 100 minutes.

Course Syllabus


This course is open to all DoD personnel. To enroll, follow these steps: 

  1. Go to
  2. Log in using your CAC
  3. Click "VCLASS" in the top menu bar 
  4. Click "Enter Classroom" 
  5. From the Home page, click "Membership" in the left-side menu 
  6. In the "Joinable Sites" tab, search for "Global Health Engagement"
  7. Choose "Introduction to DoD Global Health Engagement (GHE)" and click "Join Now" 
  8. The course will then appear in the top navigation menu of your VCLASS account 

Primary Course References:

  • U.S. Department of Defense Instruction (DoDI) 2000.30
  • Security Cooperation Management. Defense Security Cooperation University (The Green Book)
  • DoD Global Health Engagement Planning Handbook



100 Day Event
June 01, 2024
September 08, 2024


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