Fundamentals of Global Health Engagement COURSES

Fundamentals of Global Health Engagement I

Course Goal

Enhance participant competency to develop and execute successful global health engagement (GHE) programs and activities.


A three-day in-residence course to improve understanding of the full array of issues surrounding and shaping GHE. The Fundamentals of Global Health Engagement (FOGHE) course is taught by a diverse cadre of subject matter experts with experience in many aspects of health. Course participants will gain a greater understanding of 1) the strategic, operational and civil-military considerations in DoD GHE; 2) the framework for establishing the context of a health engagement; and 3) the components of planning, executing and monitoring the activity.


The course can be provided in-person or virtually, depending on needs and preferences of the hosting command/unit. The in-person version of this course is a three-day event (approx. 8 hours per day), utilizing small groups activities, while the virtual version is a five-day event (approx. 3 hours per day) with outside of class assignments and online discussion boards.

Target Audience

  • Military Health System and Public Health Service personnel expected to participate in GHE activities;
  • USG agency personnel seeking to gain a better understanding of DoD GHE;
  • International military and civilian partners, representatives of academic institutions and health personnel from non-governmental organizations with interest in GHE.


We use an interactive seminar-style format to present the content and skills critical to developing and conducting effective GHE programs and activities. This includes assigning pre-course readings that highlight documents that guide the conduct of GHE. The course then builds an awareness of a complex set of variables that shape the development of GHE programs and the key principles to planning and conducting a GHE activity. Students also participate in a series of small group activities designed to reinforce and enhance the academic instruction.

Fundamentals of Global Health Engagement II

Course Goal

Those who will be assuming a Senior GHE leader or Planner role at the Combatant Commands (CCMDs) or Service Components will have a fundamental understanding of GHE and how to employ it as a security cooperation tool.


This is a new 2-day global health engagement training course is meant to be given in conjunction with FOGHE I.

Target audience

Senior leaders and planners involved in GHE at CCMDs or Service Components.  Suggested target ranks are E6-8 and O3-5.  Most of the audience is expected to be active duty or full time Guard/Reserve personnel.

Learning objectives

  1. Understand how GHE is used as a tool to help achieve US and DoD’s national security objectives.
  2. Understand GHE’s role in the CCMD’s security cooperation program/portfolio.
  3. Understand how GHE is programmed and planned for at the CCMDs.
  4. Understand what DoD authorities and funding lines are most applicable for GHE activities and be able to explain how those authorities and funding are used.
  5. Understand how AM&E is incorporated throughout all of GHE activities.

Additional Information

Enrollment is at the discretion of the Course Director and/or the Host Unit. There are no registration/course fees. Participants are responsible for all travel/attendance related costs. 

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