The mission of the Center for Global Health Engagement (CGHE) is to provide operational support to the Department of Defense (DoD) Global Health Engagement (GHE) enterprise to meet national security objectives. We accomplish this by providing a hub for GHE thought leadership and knowledge; operational support to the Joint Force; education and training; research and scholarship; and assessment, monitoring, and evaluation.


By the end of calendar year 2021, CGHE will be globally recognized as a leading institution for the DoD GHE enterprise.  

CGHE provides a GHE hub for:

  • Thought leadership and knowledge
  • Strategic communications
  • Partnering
  • Operational support
  • Education and Training
  • Research
  • Assessment, monitoring, and evaluation


CGHE was formally created in January 2016, with an implementing organization defined in February 2016, and a charter established in April 2016. The Center operates in accordance with the USU 2021-2025 Strategic Plan and provides direct support across USU’s three Mission Domains:

  • Education;
  • Research and Scholarship; and
  • Leadership and Leader Development. 

For more information about our Center and any request for information and support, please contact us at cghe@usuhs.edu.




Contact Us:

6720B Rockledge Dr Suite 350
Bethesda, MD 20817

On site parking is available.

For any questions on our DoD Global Health Engagement activities or training, please email us at: cghe@usuhs.edu