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"From Inception to Achievement: African Peacekeeping Rapid Response Partnership-Medical Program Report" January 2024

"The African Partnership Outbreak Response Alliance (APORA) Evaluation Study: Building Multisectoral Health Security Alliances" January 2023

"CGHE Strategic Plan 2022-2026." December 2022

"Military Health Support to Civilians in Member States of the African Partnership Outbreak Response Alliance: Summary Report." Prepared by the Federal Research Division, Library of Congress, under an Interagency Agreement with CGHE. September 2022

"DoD GHE Planning Handbook." June 2022

Medical Evaluations Describing Interoperability Capability Assessment Levels of Partner Trauma Institutions or Non-Battle Injury Services (MEDICAL OPTIONS)." May 2022

"Demonstrating Military Interoperability." Prepared by the Federal Research Division, Library of Congress, under an Interagency Agreement with CGHE, November 2021

"Monitoring and Evaluation Activities Supporting Unified Regional Efforts in Global Health Engagements (MEASURE GHE): Strategic GHE Return on Investment for U.S. Department of Defense." May 2021

"Military Interoperability: Definitions, Models, Actors, and Guidelines." Library of Congress in collaboration with CGHE. June 2020

"Executive Summary: Interdisciplinary Approach in Rehabilitation Program’s Team and Case Management: Ukraine military healthcare training in contemporary rehabilitative methods and techniques for care providers to injured soldiers." November 2020

"Impact Evaluation: AMTF symposia effectiveness on African Partner Nations’ Malaria vector management capacity." September 2020

"Military Interoperability: Definitions, Models, Actors, and Guidelines." Prepared by the Federal Research Division, Library of Congress, under an Interagency Agreement with CGHE, June 2020

"Evaluation of the Integrated Vector Management Program and its Effect on Vector Control and Surveillance Capabilities in the Solomon Islands." June 2020

JOURnal Publications

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