The Global Health Research Initiative (GHERI), managed by CGHE, supports operational research efforts endorsed by and at the service of Combatant Commands (CCMDs). The GHERI portfolio consists of research projects that meet the demand signal of CCMDs, captured through the Joint Staff Surgeon’s Office, and focuses on research topics that support operational efforts that will meet the needs of the Joint Force in either:

  1. Improving the understanding and/or execution of Department of Defense Global Health Engagement (GHE) activities; or 
  2. Utilizing DoD health research activities to engage a partner nation in support of CCMDs’ Theater Campaign Plan objectives. 

The GHERI is under the purview of the Office of the Assistant Secretary of Defense for Health Affairs [OASD(HA)] and is supported by the Defense Health Agency (DHA) Research and Development Directorate (J-9). The program is funded with Defense Health Program (DHP) Research, Development, Test and Evaluation appropriation and seeks to support projects that are not currently supported by other DHP funded activities (i.e. Joint Program Committees). 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Eligible to Apply for GHERI Funding Consideration?

Government entities, academic institutions and nonprofits having a 501(c)(3) status with the IRS are eligible to apply. However, GHERI funds are awarded in full for up to a 2-year period of performance. Only applicant organizations that can accept and obligate full awards should apply for GHERI funding. 

If I am Eligible for GHERI Funding, How do I Apply?

GHERI Calls for White Papers and grant opportunities are publicly available on Check back frequently for future calls!

What Sort of Research Does GHERI Generally Fund?

The GHERI seeks to fund research that is not already funded by other DHP activities. Principal Investigators proposing operational and action research that help advance DoD GHE or directly engage Partner Nations are encouraged to apply for GHERI funding. 

What is the Application Cycle for the GHERI?

The GHERI Application Cycle is as follows:

  1. Call for whitepapers posted on (4 weeks between call posting and deadline)
  2. CCMD conducts review and ranking of whitepapers (4 weeks)
  3. Top ranked whitepapers invited to submit full applications (5 weeks between selection and deadline)
  4. Programmatic and scientific review (8-12 weeks)
  5. Executive Board Review (3 weeks)
  6. Award decision

How are GHERI Applications Ranked?

GHERI applications are first evaluated and ranked by Combatant Commands. Those invited to submit full applications as a result of this ranking are then evaluated concurrently by a Scientific Review panel and a Programmatic Review panel, with ultimate award decision made by the GHERI Executive Board comprised of representatives from OASD(HA), DHA J9, and the Joint Staff.

Are GHERI Calls for White Papers released annually?

The GHERI is subject to availability of funds, however, the intention is that the program receives funding on an annual basis. 

How can I get updated about future Calls for White Papers?

CGHE’s Research Division maintains an internal, opt-in email distribution list. You can request to be added to this list by contacting us at