Assessment, Monitoring & Evaluation

CGHE Assessment, Monitoring, and Evaluation

Department of Defense (DoD) Global Health Engagement (GHE) provides direct and indirect support to the DoD GHE enterprise to build capacity to conduct assessment, monitoring, and evaluation (AME) within DoD GHE programs and activities. AME is a required component of Security Cooperation activities (which includes most DoD GHE activities) per DoDI 5132.14, "Assessment, Monitoring and Evaluation Policy for the Security Cooperation Enterprise". 

CGHE educates DoD GHE professionals and conducts research on topics such as: 

  • How to operationalize militarily-relevant goals and objectives (e.g. build capacity, enhance readiness, develop partnerships, etc.)  for the purposes of  planning and evaluation;
  • How theories of change can be established to develop rigorous project and programmatic plans and how these theories of change can be empirically tested to support evaluation efforts; and
  • The value of effective data collection in the planning and operational stages to support evaluations conducted until three years after project completion.

As part of CGHE's ongoing support for the Office of the Joint Staff Surgeon (OJSS) and the Combatant Commands (CCMDs), the Center launched its MEASURE GHE study, also known as “Monitoring and Evaluation Activities Supporting Unified Regional Efforts in Global Health Engagement’’. This effort is an OJSS-led approach to quantify the value of DoD GHE by measuring return on investment in keeping with DoD Instruction 5132.14. The study links specific goals and measures of effectiveness (MOEs) to global and regional impact metrics, to leverage DoD GHE more effectively as a strategic enabler and connect it to the National Security Strategy and National Defense Strategy implementation plans and CCMD campaign plans. MEASURE GHE aims to directly support CCMDs by driving their future operations through key insights and analysis from GHE impact, providing them with critical impact data for GHE to show what is needed to achieve strategic and operational effects. It will also inform funding, requirements, and resources for DoD GHE using empirical findings in an increasingly resource-constrained environment. For more information, please contact us at: