Center for Global Health Engagement

CGHE Overview

The Center for Global Health Engagement's (CGHE) mission is to serve as a thought leader, providing academic and operational support to the Department of Defense Global Health Engagement enterprise to better meet national security objectives. CGHE was formally created in January 2016, with an implementing organization defined in February 2016, and a charter established in April 2016. The Center operates in accordance with the USU Strategic Plan and provides direct support across USU’s three Mission Domains: Education; Research and Scholarship; and Leadership and Leader Development -- all while striving to enhance force readiness. 

CGHE provides a Global HEalth engagement hub for:

  • Thought Leadership.
  • Strategic Communications.
  • Knowledge Management.
  • Strategic Partnership.
  • Training and Engagements
  • Research and Scholarship

Global health engagement research initiative (GHERI) call for white papers 2023:

The FY23 Global Health Engagement Research Initiative (GHERI) call for white papers is now posted on Here is the link for those interested:

The CGHE Research team is soliciting White Papers from interested parties for research related to operational efforts that will meet the needs of the Joint Force in either: 

  1. Improving the understanding and/or execution of DoD GHE or 
  2. Utilizing DoD health research activities to engage a partner nation/partner nations (PN/PNs) in support of Theater Campaign Plan (TCP) objectives to further research

The GHERI is funded through Defense Health Program (DHP) RDT&E funds in accordance with guidance from OASD(HA) and DHA J-9. The GHE research needs of the warfighter are expressed by the regular demand signal of the Joint Force through the Joint Staff Surgeon's Office and the Combatant Commands (CCMD) Surgeons' Offices. This demand signal is captured through ongoing coordination between the CCMDs Surgeons' Offices, the Military Services, and CGHE. 

For additional details related to the GHERI program, as well as CCMD GHE research priorities, please refer to the "Related Documents" section on The PDF document contained within this tab provides specific instructions as to how interested Principal Investigators may apply. Please contact with questions.

CGHE Training Events